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Simple, affordable funerals to suit you and your budget

Not everyone wants a costly and traditional funeral and instead would prefer a simpler affair. Simplicity gives you an alternative choice, one that still allows you to arrange a personal and unique funeral, but cuts out the ceremonial excess that is so often unwanted and unnecessary. 

We deliver a professional and respectful service, without cutting corners. We have our own highly trained staff, use only specialist funeral vehicles, our own mortuary facilities and some of the UK's leading crematoria.

What we have removed are some of the more expensive costs, such as hearses, limousines and teams of pallbearers, which means we can provide our funeral services for much less than a traditional funeral director.

Arrange a Simplicity Unattended Cremation

An unattended funeral, often referred to as a direct cremation, is for people who do not want to have a service prior to the cremation.  


We will arrange for a dignified cremation to take place and then return the ashes to you or scatter them in our gardens of remembrance.


If you wish you can then hold your own service, or arrange a memorial at a day, time and place to suit you.


Our service is available from


Arrange a Simplicity Attended Cremation

Our attended services are for those who don’t want a full traditional funeral, but would still like some time at the crematorium to say goodbye. 


We have two attended services to choose from:


- A short intimate funeral for just close friends and family;

- An attended service where you can congregate together at the crematorium for a service that is personalised by you.

Our attended services are available from


Why Simplicity?


We’re changing the way funerals are arranged.  Giving families greater choice and flexibility in how they remember their loved ones – whilst we focus on providing the essential care and practical elements of the cremation.


As part of the Dignity Funerals group, we have access to some of the best facilities around the country and our staff are funeral experts as that is all we do and have done for years.


We’re here when you need us, 24 hours a day, every single day of the year – and you won’t be left to go through this on your own.


And this year we have been recognised as the Best Direct Cremation Provider at the 2018 Good Funeral Awards.


Find out more about how we at Simplicity can help you.


Looking to plan ahead for yourself?

Buy a Simplicity Prepaid Funeral Plan

If you would like to plan a simple funeral for yourself, one of the best ways to arrange this is to purchase a prepaid plan in advance.


A Simplicity prepaid funeral plan purchased today, will guarantee to cover all the costs of the services included in your plan.


This will ensure that your family will not only know what type of funeral you wished for, but will also ensure that they have nothing to pay and full support from Simplicity when the time comes.

Our funeral plans start at