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Every funeral is important to us

Arranging a Simplicity Cremation doesn't mean that corners can be cut or the deceased are treated differently. Every single Simplicity Cremation that we carry out is conducted to very high standards and with the same level of care and respect you'd expect from a traditional funeral provider.

We do everything ourselves

We actually own all of the facilities necessary across Great Britain to properly take care of the deceased throughout the whole cremation process.


When you call us, we will make arrangements as soon as possible with our funeral professionals. We also have a specialist team to help you with the necessary administration.


The cremation will then be carried out in our own first-rate facilities.


We are not reliant on others, which means we have complete control and can provide assurances that you and your loved one will be treated with care and compassion at all times.

We are the only direct cremation provider in Britain who include all of the below:

Own a nationwide network of offices and crematoriums


Will meet you locally, wherever you are in mainland Great Britain, and help you complete the paperwork face to face


Offer 24 hour bereavement counselling on our dedicated telephone service


Include doctor’s fees if necessary


Will not charge extra where a larger coffin is required

What we stand for

Everything we do is built on our four key principles:




Our service is straightforward and practical. It will provide everything for a legal cremation without the fuss or needless expense.




We are funeral experts - it’s all we do. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.




We treat each and every client with compassion and respect, and ensure that we are courteous when dealing with you and your family.




We are always available on the phone to make arrangements or answer questions. We are a national business with local teams throughout mainland Great Britain to ensure that we can give a quick and appropriate service.


A service you can trust

If you are looking for a direct cremation service that offers true value whilst still delivering the highest standards of care – choose Simplicity Cremations.