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Attending the committal

A simple, personal goodbye for a few close family and friends

Simple Direct Cremations

 We offer friends and family the chance to say goodbye on the day of the direct cremation with the full support of a qualified chapel attendant.

While there is no formal service or presence of a minister or officiant, loved ones will be able to say a few words, with their choice of music or perhaps a reading, and witness the final committal.

Where will you hold my loved one's Simplicity Cremation?


We work with a list of preferred crematoria where we will hold our direct cremations. Should you wish to attend, you can find your local crematorium by entering the postcode of the place where your loved one is currently resting below.

Locate a crematorium

Helping you to say goodbye


At Simplicity Cremations, we still offer the care and remembrance that comes with a funeral service, but we do so on a more modest scale by allowing loved ones to attend a simple committal.


While the committal is very simple and there is no formal service or presence of a minister or officiant, we try to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and support the loved ones in the best way we can.


The committal will be held at one of our preferred crematoriums local to the place of rest at 9am on a date of our choosing. We will let you know the location of the direct cremation upon booking, while the date will be confirmed at a later date.


We ensure that your loved one is carefully prepared and transported to the crematorium before your arrival and will be resting on the catafalque ready for you to say your personal goodbyes.


The Chapel Attendant will be on hand to support you throughout the direct cremation and can help you to make arrangements for any music prior to the service.


We do ask that there is a maximum attendance of 12 people only and there is an additional cost of £250 for this service.