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Can I Have a Simple Funeral?

Yes, a direct cremation by Simplicity Cremations is a low cost, simple funeral option.

When it comes to organising a funeral, extravagance is not always necessary.

Families opt for a direct cremation for a variety of reasons, not just because of the lower associated costs. Often, an extravagant affair was not what the deceased would have wanted. Some people really do not wish for a fuss when they are gone and would rather their families weren’t pressured into organising a full funeral. In other instances, the deceased had no close family and as the next of kin, responsibility for the funeral arrangements has fallen to you.

Whatever the reason, Simplicity Cremations can help you to arrange a simple funeral without any unnecessary financial pressure or emotional strain.


Whilst our charges are considerably less than you’d expect to pay for a traditional funeral, rest assured you will receive the highest level of customer service. We take care of all of the practicalities and our local team will meet you at a place and time convenient to you to complete any paperwork.



A direct cremation is often an unattended funeral, although attendance for a small number of mourners can be arranged if you’d prefer a small funeral. Often, families organise a memorial, tribute or the scattering of the ashes at a time and place of their choosing, in a location that holds fond memories of their loved one.


Our essential and standard direct cremation packages ensure that everyone gets the dignified send off they deserve.




  • Collection of the deceased from hospital or coroner’s only
  • Cremation fees
  • Simple coffin
  • Transportation in a specialised vehicle
  • Scattering of ashes



  • Collection of the deceased from place of rest
  • Brought into our care at our mortuaries
  • Cremation fees
  • Simple coffin
  • Transportation in a specialised vehicle
  • Return of ashes in a simple container

Arrange a simple funeral

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