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One of the most frequently asked questions’ regarding a direct cremation service is ‘What Happens To The Coffin After A Cremation?’


There is a common misconception that coffins are recycled. A new coffin will be used for each of our direct cremations and will be cremated with the deceased.

What happens during the direct cremation?

The coffin is placed into the cremator. The heat is very intense and the process takes about 90 minutes. When the cremation is finished, all that is left is small amounts of bone. These are taken from the cremator, cooled and placed in a machine which reduces the bone to ashes. These are the ashes which are put into a temporary container, or urn.

How can I be sure that the remains will be kept separate? 

Each cremator is only large enough to take one coffin. When a direct cremation has finished, the ashes are placed into a separate chamber within the cremator for cooling. Once reduced, they are put into an individually identified container to either be collected by family or scattered in the crematorium.

How can I book a direct cremation?

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