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What to look for in a Direct Cremation provider?


A direct cremation, in short, is the collection, preparation and transportation of the deceased to the crematorium where the cremation will take place, often unattended. It is usually chosen as a low cost alternative to a traditional funeral although more and more people are choosing this option as they simply do not want any fuss or fanfare at their time of passing.


There are many providers that will offer this service but they do not all operate to the same standards or include the same services.


Do they have the right mortuary facilities and transport?


To ensure that your loved one is treated with the utmost care and respect, we’d advise you to choose a direct cremation provider with an established history and the right facilities.


Many providers will only collect the deceased from a hospital or coroner’s with a significant charge to collect from anywhere else. This usually denotes a lack of facilities, nationwide or otherwise.


At Simplicity Cremations, we bring your loved one into care at our own high quality mortuary facilities, where they will be prepared, dressed and cared for until the day of cremation. Our services are available throughout Great Britain.


We also ensure that our staff are professional, highly trained and we only used specialised vehicles for transportation.


What's included in the direct cremation costs?


- Is the cremation fee included?

This can be an extra cost of up to £500 if not.


- Is the service available in your area?

Some providers do not operate within Scotland or outside of a certain radius.


- Are there extra fees for mileage?

There could be costs per mile added to your bill if you live outside of a certain radius.


- Are there charges for bariatric clients?

Bariatric clients often require larger coffins and specific facilities in order to accommodate their needs. You could be charged around £250 for this. Simplicity Cremations do not discriminate on the size of our clients.


- Are doctor’s fees included?

These cost around £164 and many providers do not include these. We do.


A Simplicity Cremation starts at just £995 throughout mainland Great Britain as we operate our own mortuary facilities and crematoria nationwide.



How do I arrange a Simplicity Cremation?


Once you’ve decided which package is right for you, then just give us a call on 0800 484 0260. Simplicity Cremations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are ready to help straight away.