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How many people can attend a direct cremation?


A direct cremation does not usually allow for attendance in the crematorium.


However we do allow a small number of people (up to 12) to come and witness the committal with our attended option.  


The family will be ushered into the chapel and be given a short time to reflect or say a few words before the chapel attendant commits their loved one for cremation. A piece of music can also be played.

Is there anything I need organise beforehand?


A direct cremation does not include a formal service, so it is up to the family to decide if they wish to organise a ceremony, whether at the crematorium or at a location and time separate from the committal.


We’ve a few suggestions on how to use the time in the chapel, take a look at our page on organising your own ceremony at a cremation.

How will the day proceed?


We will call you in advance to confirm the time, date and location of the direct funeral. The cremation will take place at one of our preferred crematoria local to the place of rest.


Your loved one will be transported to the crematorium in a specialised funeral vehicle on the day of cremation.


The coffin will be taken into the crematorium and placed in the chapel before you arrive where a chapel attendant will be on hand to usher you inside.


At the appropriate time, the chapel attendant will walk you out of the chapel and guide you towards the gardens of remembrance allowing you and your family a little while to reflect.

Can we scatter the ashes?


The ashes can be returned to you, on request. Otherwise, your loved one’s ashes will be scattered in our gardens of remembrance.


We will contact you after the cremation, to ensure we have the correct instructions for the ashes. We understand that this will be a confusing time for your family, and your preference may have changed since the time of booking.



We’re available any time of the day, 365 days a year, ready and waiting to answer your questions and organise a direct cremation for your loved one.


Prior to the cremation taking place, Simplicity Cremations will contact you to ensure the completion of any necessary paperwork.


Aside from the practical arrangements we put in place for the cremation itself, the rest of the arrangements are left to you.


If you have any further questions or you’d like to organise an attended direct cremation, please contact our friendly team on 0800 484 0260.