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How Much is a Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation without a funeral service provides the opportunity to give a dignified farewell to your loved one without incurring many unnecessary costs. Call us on 0800 484 0260 to find out more.


At Simplicity Cremations, we understand that many people are looking for a low cost funeral, conducted with the utmost care. Many direct cremation websites are not transparent when it comes to pricing, and customers can end up feeling confused and deceived by added costs. Choosing us will mean you can completely avoid any uncertainty, and rest assured that your loved one is being cared for by an experienced and professional team.

Our Direct Funeral Costs

We offer only the highest standards of care and you can depend on us to give your loved one the respectful and dignified farewell that they deserve, whilst giving you the freedom to choose what you do after we have done our part. Please call our team at any time on 0800 484 0260 to talk about arranging a Simplicity Cremation.



  • Collection of the deceased from hospital or coroner’s only
  • Cremation fees
  • Simple coffin
  • Transportation in a specialised vehicle
  • Scattering of ashes



  • Collection of the deceased from place of rest
  • Brought into our care at our mortuaries
  • Cremation fees
  • Simple coffin
  • Transportation in a specialised vehicle
  • Return of ashes in a simple container

What is Included within the Direct Cremation Costs?


  1. Our professional team will offer you expert guidance from the second you get in touch.
  2. No matter where you are in mainland Great Britain, we are able to take the deceased into our care should you wish, where they will be looked after with respect in our own professional facilities.
  3. One of our local team will meet you at your convenience to help you fill out the necessary paperwork and forms.
  4. Our trained professionals with specialist funeral vehicles will be responsible for the safe and careful transportation of the deceased.
  5. A direct cremation with a simple coffin.
  6. The ashes will be scattered in the garden of remembrance or can be collected in a simple container from our crematoria.
  7. Our 24-hour telephone bereavement and advice counselling service can offer you and your family support every step of the way.




Medical Certificates for Direct Cremations


All deaths are certified by a doctor or medical professional. For most cremations a second doctor is required to confirm and certify the death – and a charge of £164 is made for this. A second medical certificate is not required if the death has been dealt with through a Coroner or, because of local legislation, if it is registered in Scotland.

The thing that sets Simplicity Cremations apart from other direct cremation providers is our high standard of care along with our professional staff. We provide quality facilities, nationwide coverage with no mileage charges, 24-hour bereavement support and we can deliver a simple cremation from only £1,095.


We will give your loved one a respectful farewell, from the moment our professional staff take them into our care, to returning the ashes back to you safely or scattering them as you wish.


If a low cost, simple cremation is what you have decided you want, then you can call Simplicity Cremations at any time on 0800 484 0260.