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Sometimes, people pass on with no relatives or friends left behind, so in these circumstances, a Public Health Funeral can still provide the deceased with a simple, respectable funeral.


Only the council can take responsibility for arranging a Pauper’s Funeral, so if a member of public begins to make arrangements with a funeral director, the financial responsibility is left with that individual.


Because this option is supposed to be a last resort when there is other alternative, there can be no contributions or part funding from the bereaved. If the deceased has no assets left in their estate when they pass away, the council can subsidise the costs for the funeral director.

How Else Can I Get Help With Funeral Costs?

There are various government schemes in place that can help with funeral costs. People who are entitled to certain benefits may be granted a Funeral Payment from the government. This will help pay for:

  • Burial or cremation fees
  • A doctor’s certificate
  • £700 towards funeral director fees
  • Travel arrangements and the cost of moving the deceased

There are certain criteria you must meet to be eligible for a funeral payment. You may also be entitled to a bereavement support payment.

A Low Cost Cremation Can Help Reduce Funeral Costs


direct cremation is a simple, low cost funeral that provides you with the choice of where, when and how you say goodbye to your loved one.


Simplicity Cremations can offer a direct cremation from just £995, which is significantly lower than the cost of a traditional funeral which can average around £4,200 in the UK.


Our professional team can collect the deceased, before carrying out a low cost, simple cremation, and then return the ashes to you if you wish.


If you were not close with the departed, then a direct cremation can allow them to have a dignified yet affordable funeral with much lower expenses than the ones you may incur with a full funeral service. We can scatter the ashes in our Garden of Remembrance at our crematorium, if you wish.


A cremation without ceremony means that costs such as those for a limousine, hearse, flowers and headstone are removed, but if you choose Simplicity Cremations, you can rest assured that your loved one is being tended to with the utmost care by our professional, respectful team.


How planning a direct cremation in advance can help


prepaid direct cremation plan can be set up in order to pay for a funeral in advance. With the cost of funerals rising year by year, we can freeze today’s price, so that the sum can then be paid in instalments. This can save loved ones from the financial strain of organising a funeral in the future.


Funeral insurance allows someone to pay a lump sum of money that can help cover the costs of a direct funeral. Again, this can provide the bereaved family with financial support for the funeral. Many funeral insurance providers will offer different tiers of cover, so one can be chosen to best suit the needs and wishes of the individual.

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