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Can I get Government help with a funeral payment?

A funeral payment is an amount from the government to help towards funeral costs in the short term. The funeral payment won’t be enough to cover all the funeral costs, and depending on where you live you may still have to pay for a third of the cost of a simple funeral.


Who qualifies?


You will need to meet the qualifying criteria, and how much you get may get will depend on your circumstances.

  • You must be responsible for the funeral
  • Get certain tax benefits or credits
  • Meet the rules on your relationship with the deceased

How much you may get also depends on any other money available, e.g. from an insurance policy or the deceased’s estate.

And if there’s a close relative of the deceased who isn’t getting one of the qualifying benefits you may not be able to claim Funeral Payment.


How to make a claim?


You can claim a funeral payment up to three months after the date of the funeral.

Any money you get from a Funeral Payment will usually have to be paid back to the government, from any money you get from the person’s estate, such as the deceased’s savings. However, if the deceased’s estate consisted only of personal belongings and a home that they shared with their surviving spouse or civil partner, the government normally won’t claim back this payment.

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