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What is a Simplicity Cremations Funeral Plan?


A Prepaid Funeral Plan is an affordable way to pay for your funeral in advance. It allows you to protect your loved ones from rising funeral costs, as well as ensuring that arrangements are carried out according to your wishes, without adding stress to your family. They will be provided with support from our 24 hour bereavement line and guided through the process by our experienced team.


Your plan, your way, paid for in advance


Your plan is fully guaranteed to cover all of the services laid out in your plan and you can choose to pay for it in the most convenient way for yourself using one of our options, whether that be a single payment, over a year or over 120 monthly instalments depending whether you meet our Age Cap eligibility criteria. Whichever way you choose to pay, you can be safe in the knowledge that your plan is in good hands and you can rely on us to carry out your wishes when the time comes.





Your plan can be arranged with multiple payment options starting at just £16.51 a month

The importance of planning


Death is often something people are unwilling to talk about so sometimes our loved ones are unsure of what we want when we pass. A funeral plan allows you to make important decisions about what you want, so Simplicity Cremations can arrange everything in advance to ensure that your family are taken care of at such an emotional time.


Having a prepaid funeral plan allows them to grieve without having to stress over finances or funeral arrangements.


Plus Simplicity also offers 24 hour bereavement counselling on our dedicated line.

Save money and worry


With funeral costs rising year on year, arranging a direct cremation in advance by purchasing a prepaid plan can save you and your family money. Your funds will be kept securely in a Trust Fund completely independent from Simplicity Cremations, ensuring that they are protected until the time comes.


Your family can have peace of mind that your direct cremation has been arranged, and cremation services paid for in advance.


When the time comes, your loved ones only need to make a single phone call and we can start making the arrangements in line with your wishes.