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To protect your money, it is kept completely separate to Simplicity Cremations so no matter what happens, you can have peace of mind that your plan is safe. We hope it will be many years before we need to put your plans into place so it's important you know that we are taking care of your money responsibly.

Why a Trust Fund

 In order to safeguard customers, the FPA (Funeral Planning Authority) states that all registered funeral plan companies must place the client's money in either a whole of life insurance policy or an independently managed trust fund for security. 

We choose a trust fund as this is specifically designed to protect customer's money until needed, and to invest the funds in a way that will provide the required return. A whole of life policy is usually designed to pay out only a set sum without considering future funeral costs.

The National Funeral Trust for Prepaid Funeral Plans from Simplicity

At Simplicity Cremations, we use the independent National Funeral Trust Fund which was set up in 1986 to protect both our funeral directors and of course, our customers. This allows us to guarantee that no matter what happens, there will always be sufficient money within the Trust Fund to honour our agreement with our Planholders, that your future funeral costs are met as agreed, and that the funeral director is only paid once the funeral has taken place.





Independently managed and audited

 The Trust Fund is valued and audited every year by well-known actuaries allowing us to produce a comprehensive Annual Trust Fund Report. 

All of our funeral plan payments are paid into the trust where it is carefully invested and managed to provide the best return to pay for your arrangements no matter the rise in funeral costs.

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