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Compare Simplicity Cremations Prepaid Funeral Plans

We offer two prepaid direct cremation plans. Find out more about the services we can provide.

Simplicity Cremations currently offer two direct cremation prepaid funeral plans for those who are looking ahead for when the time comes. All of our plans are guaranteed so that you can rest assured that all of the cremation fees and funeral services included in the Plan will be covered no matter how much funeral prices might rise in the future.


We currently offer two plans - the Lily plan and the Rose plan - the details of what's included can be found below.

Prepaid Funeral Plans from Simplicity Cremations

The Lily Plan
or from £16.51 a month
The Rose Plan
or from £19.82 a month
Covers an unattended cremation service, with no more to pay for the services in your plan, regardless of when your plan is needed or how much costs will rise in the future
Guidance by our professional telephone team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Our local team will meet with you in person to complete and sign the necessary legal paperwork and forms for the cremations to proceed
Care of the deceased
Transportation of the deceased within Great Britain, carried out by trained funeral professionals at any time of the day
To bring the deceased into our care at our own mortuary
Unattended cremation with a simple reading by the chapel attendant with the coffin on the catafalque
The service
A practical and simple coffin
Return of ashes
Provision of a simple urn
Third party costs
Cremation fee
If you move, your plan moves with you at no extra cost to anywhere within Great Britain
Additional services
Free 24 hour telephone bereavement and advice counselling service
Doctor's Fees to provide Medical Papers *

What is not included in your plan

A Simplicity Cremation does not include a funeral service, procession, viewing or admittance of mourners at the crematorium. It is an unattended simple committal undertaken at a crematorium of our choice and does not include any of the below:

  • *Medical certification fees. For deaths where a coroner investigation is required, there are no medical certifications fees. Also, changes to legislation in May 2015 mean there will no longer be a charge for a medical certification for any deaths registered in Scotland. Similar legal changes are being considered for the rest of the UK, so we do not include provision for these fees in our Plans. If the funeral takes place outside of Scotland, and a coroner is not involved, then if applicable, the medical certification fees should be paid by the next of kin or personal representative, when arranging the funeral
  • Embalming, memorial or headstone, flowers, catering/wake
  • Viewing the deceased
  • Limousine for family/mourners
  • Funeral procession from home/funeral home to a service location
  • Choice of time or date for the cremation
  • Co-ordination of any flowers or tributes and managing collection and payments of any charitable donations
  • Repatriation from outside mainland Great Britain
  • Costs for removing artificial limbs and mechanisms such as pacemakers
  • Costs associated with changes in regulations, tax, laws, or generally accepted practice, which result in additional costs or affect the conduct of the funeral

This list is not exhaustive, so please refer to the Terms & Condition for further Information.