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Buying a Prepaid Cremation Plan from Simplicity for Someone Else

We can assist you with taking out a prepaid plan for one of your loved ones.

At Simplicity Cremations, we understand that sometimes families want to plan ahead on behalf of someone else, whether that be your partner, parent or someone else that you care for.

Your loved one may have asked you to help them purchase a prepaid funeral plan or perhaps they have been taken into care and you need to take control of their finances. Whatever the reason, Simplicity Cremations will ensure they are on hand to help you through the process.

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Taking care of arrangements in advance

While death is a difficult subject to discuss with your loved ones, sometimes taking care of arrangements in advance rather than at a highly emotional time can help ensure that the right decisions are made for both you and your loved one. It gives them the opportunity to tell you what they'd like at the time of their passing so you can follow their wishes.


Sadly, sometimes it isn't possible to discuss wishes, but it does give some families peace of mind that arrangements have been made and the situation is financially taken care of.

Remove the worry of rising costs


With funeral costs rising year on year, planning and paying for your direct cremation in advance can save you and your loved ones money. Once you've purchased your prepaid plan, no matter how much prices rise, your direct cremation costs are fixed, leaving nothing else to pay with regards to the services in your plan. You can even pay in instalments to spread the cost if that is more convenient for you or your loved one.

Simple and supportive


Simplicity Cremations will ensure that the money paid for your direct cremation funeral plan is protected as it is held independently in a National Funeral Trust Fund until it is needed.


When the time comes, it only takes one phone call to Simplicity Cremations to get the funeral plan arrangements under way. You can rest assured that your wishes will be carried out without any stress as we will take care of everything.


Should you or your family need support, we also offer a 24 hour bereavement and advice counselling service.