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How a funeral plan can help you


Funeral costs have been rising year upon year for the last decade and this is expected to continue in the future.


With growing funeral bills, some families are being left to cover the shortfalls after the estate has been divided. Even if the estate does cover the costs, it often takes time for the monies to be transferred leaving loved ones to pay the cost up front, often on a credit card.


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Fix your funeral costs at today's prices

A funeral plan offers the opportunity to lock in the cost of the funeral director's services at today's prices with the added peace of mind that the plan is protected no matter how much funeral prices rise.


Arranging a Simplicity Cremation Funeral Plan means you'll know exactly how much you have to pay without having to worry about inflation or price rises. Your money is safe in a Trust Fund, so no matter what, your funeral plan is protected until the time comes.