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A simple, dignified direct cremation

Direct cremation is becoming more and more popular nowadays because some people just don't want a fuss when they are gone, and would prefer the lack of formality that an unattended funeral can offer.


Others would rather protect their family from the emotional strain that organising a lavish funeral can bring. It goes without saying that traditional funerals can be expensive affairs and many people would prefer that their family spend the money in a more meaningful way.


Our unattended funeral offers a simple, low cost alternative without the needless expense.


What happens at a Simplicity unattended funeral


We’ll carry out all of the practical elements of the cremation without cutting corners, with the utmost care and respect.


While our direct cremations do not include a service or the admittance of mourners, they do include cremation fees, doctors fees, a simple wooden coffin and the full support of our telephone advisers.


Your loved one will be transported to the crematorium by trained funeral professionals in a specialised funeral vehicle. The coffin will be placed in the chapel, before being committed for cremation, supervised by the chapel attendant.


The ashes will be scattered in our gardens of remembrance which you can choose to witness if you'd like or the ashes can be returned to you on request for an additional fee.


*If the deceased is resting outside a hospital or coroner's, there is an additional charge of £250 to bring the deceased into care at one of our mortuaries. This covers transport from the place of rest to one of our high quality mortuary facilities where the deceased will be prepared, dressed and cared for until the day of the cremation.


A direct cremation does not allow for the presence of mourners and does not involve a procession, viewing of the deceased, hearse, limousines or floral tributes.

Would you prefer to to attend the committal?

We also offer funerals with the option for limited attendance (up to 12 people) and full attendance.